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Nautical Channel 14:30 (0h30mn) Cannes Yachting Festival 2018
Nautical Channel 15:00 (1h30mn) Dangerous Waters
Nautical Channel 16:00 (0h30mn) Inside Sailing 2019

Nautical Channel c'est aussi la diffusion de Heineken Regatta 2013 Clipper the Race of Their Lives The Voyage of Ghibellina Dusi Canoe Marathon 2016 Skeleton Sea The Way to the Worlds Nautical Adventure in a Landlocked Country Endless Summer in Norfolk 20 Years of Voiles de Saint-Tropez RC44 Championship Tour 2017 Speed Catamarans GC32 2017 Mr. Price Pro Ballito 2014 Golden Strokes Jet Raid Greece 2018 Kite Masters 2018 Wild Surf Ocean Safari Kenya Mad Dogs AF Offshore Race Sail-Ho ...

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Nautical Channel 21:00 (0h30mn) H2o Racing 2018 Aquabike
suivi 21:30 H2o Racing 2018 Aquabike
suivi 22:00 H2O Racing 2017 Aquabike
suivi 22:30 H2O Racing 2017 Aquabike
suivi 23:00 Dangerous Waters