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Nautical Channel 12:30 (0h30mn) The Voyage of Ghibellina
Nautical Channel 13:00 (1h30mn) Watersports World Magazine 2017
Nautical Channel 14:00 (0h30mn) Poseidon Games 2018

Nautical Channel c'est aussi la diffusion de The World Sailing Show 2018 H2o Racing 2018 F1h2o The Voyage of Ghibellina Inside Sailing 2018 Sailing's World Cup Series 2017 Le df Azimut Isa World Longboard Surfing Championship 2018 Brilliant Corners P1 USA Aquax Pro Series Sails in Sardinia Wild Surf Distant Shores Surf the Alps Winter Kiting in St Moritz Absolute Mexico Atlantic Cup 2014 The Vor Supremacy Watersports World Magazine 2017 Tour de Guadeloupe en voile traditionnelle Skeleton Sea Sailing'S World Cup Series 2018 ...

Pour infos, les programmes de ce soir sur Nautical Channel
Nautical Channel 21:00 (0h30mn) Facing Waves
suivi 21:30 Ocean Race
suivi 22:00 Clipper the Race of Their Lives
suivi 23:00 The World Sailing Show 2018
suivi 23:30 Spirit of Yachting 2017